About Us

Hey there! Welcome to Quick Campus, India’s first edu-tech marketplace that connects students, parents, schools, and vendors in one convenient location! We are all about creating an interactive platform that fosters creativity and innovation in the world of education. Our mission is simple: to provide top-notch edu-tech solutions to everyone’s needs.

Why are we the go-to marketplace? Quick Campus does not believe in limitations, and we want our platform to exceed everyone’s expectations. Name any aspect of an edu-tech marketplace you need; we have it. That’s not it, we will never get outmoded because we are always on autopilot mode to stay updated. That is the joy and excitement we wish to offer you, always.

Did you know we were in the news for all the right reasons? Quick Campus went public this April, and subscriptions went through the roof 107 times! People say the credit goes to our brainchild SEMS (Management software for schools, students and parents). This pocket rocket has transformed the education industry and has been the buzz of the town from day one.

What’s special about SEMS software?
First things first, it is disruptive, powerful, and our pride. QuickTouch Technologies Limited, our parent company, developed EIMS to streamline educational management, connect stakeholders and make operations, communication, and data management super efficient. And it works like a charm. That’s why schools, students, and parents love us unconditionally and carry us everywhere. We are now working on an ambitious plan to give you more diverse and innovative options to fulfil your educational needs.

You just read about us in a nutshell.

Boost Your School Growth.

Provide Supervision
To The Admin Panel.

Make Teaching Better.

Work Shorter Hours
Instead Of Long Ones.