eCommerce Solutions For Educational Institutions

Quick Campus provides end-to-end digital commerce solutions for schools, vendors, and learners. It caters to the diverse needs of the educational sector, including the management of digital resources, learning materials, and tools. Our platform allows schools and educational institutions to access and purchase educational products and services, from school management systems to learning management solutions.

Online Shopping Platform for Parents to Order, Books, Dresses, Stationery, etc

Shop with ease and convenience. Our platform caters to parents, offering a one-stop shop for all educational needs. From books to stationery and trendy dresses, it's where parents can effortlessly find and order everything in one place.

shop stationary online
Easy-To-Use Mobile Responsive User Interface

Simplified shopping at your fingertips. Our mobile-responsive interface ensures a seamless and user-friendly experience, allowing you to explore and order products on your phone with ease.

Quick Campus app with responsive interface
Option to Add Existing School Vendors for Various Products

Expand your vendor network. We offer the flexibility to add your trusted school vendors, giving parents access to a wide range of products from reliable sources.

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Complete Control of Products, Price Points, Discounts, and Categories

Your store, your rules. Take charge of your e-commerce platform with control over products, pricing, discounts, and product categories, allowing you to tailor your offerings to your institution's unique needs.

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Online Payment Provision for Parents, with Multiple Shipping Options

Shop and pay your way. We offer online payment options for parents' convenience and multiple shipping choices to ensure your orders arrive when and how you want them.

money payment for parents
Integration with Quick Campus Web Logins and the Mobile App for Parents

Seamlessly connect with us. Our platform integrates with Quick Campus web logins and the mobile app, offering a cohesive experience for parents and ensuring they can access the e-commerce platform with ease.

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Dashboard that Provides an Overview of the Store, Products, and Orders

Stay in the know. Our dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of your store's performance, available products, and order status, keeping you informed and in control.

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With a CSV or Excel Upload, Setting Up an Institution Takes Less than 10 Minutes

Swift and hassle-free setup. We make institution setup a breeze. With the option to upload data via CSV or Excel, you can have your institution up and running in less than 10 minutes.

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