How To Get Parents Involved In School? – 8 Parent Engagement Strategies

How To Get Parents Involved in School

A partnership between teachers and parents can be amazing! Let us tell you how. This special collaboration helps develop well-rounded and successful students. This also provides kids with more opportunities to learn from different life experiences. So, are you ready to learn about these Parent engagement strategies? This guide will teach you how to create essential opportunities for students. Also, this guide will let you know how to get parents involved in school by engaging them in developing the social, emotional, and academic skills of students.

8 Best Parental Engagement Strategies

Here are eight suggestions regarding parent involvement in school life:

1. Attend School Events And Orientation Programs

Get to know your children’s teachers at the beginning of the school year. These events serve as an efficient parent engagement program, allowing you to meet other students’ families and the school’s teachers. Attend student exhibitions, gamification, and events, whether your child is directly involved or not.

2. Ask The Teacher How They Want to Communicate

Teachers are the best people to approach and learn how to involve parents in the classroom. Find out major ways of parent communication whether it is phone calls, emails, or texts, can help you stay up-to-date on your child’s progress. Ask if you can establish a communication channel with each teacher in case a problem arises at school. These parent-involvement activities ideas for preschool and high school work wonders for students.

3. Showcase A Positive View Of Education At Home

Parental involvement does not always happen inside a school environment. It is also about communicating your larger attitudes and values regarding education and the expectations you hold for your children. You must convey these values to let all young minds be persistent when faced with challenging educational tasks.

4. Encourage Reading

Encourage reading among your children all the time. It is one of the most significant parental engagement strategies for helping them succeed in school and life. Reading books yourself is an impactful way to demonstrate the importance of lifelong learning. Take it one step further discussing about influencing learning and some specific books together afterward.

5. Attend Parent Organization Meetings

Parents meet regularly to discuss school issues at most schools. Join the Parent Teacher Association or Organization at your child’s school to discuss major parent-teacher meeting points regularly. It will help you work with other families to improve the school. Ask to join the meetings virtually if you can’t attend them in person. A visitor management system for schools is common in today’s world and allows parents to attend such meetings without visiting the school physically.

6. Volunteer In The School

It is one of the best examples of parent involvement in schools. Parents as volunteers, can assist in classrooms or even coordinate school events. If your work schedule doesn’t permit on-campus volunteering, there are alternative ways to contribute your time. Keep an eye out for volunteer opportunities and consider sharing your special skills during a parental engagement program.

7. Encourage Active Learning

Young people, especially students, must be encouraged to ask and answer various questions, solve complex problems, and explore their respective interests. They should also engage in frequent conversations about what they are learning and be prepared to ask essential questions. Encouraging this type of learning at home can significantly increase your child’s participation and interest in school.

8. Learn About Your Rights

You must always be aware of your rights as a parent, especially concerning special services such as immigration status, individualized education plans, English instruction, and more. If needed, approach the school management or an NGO specializing in training how to get parents involved in school.

Benefits Of Parent Engagement Strategies

Parent involvement in a child’s education consistently enhances their academic performance, regular attendance, and even social skills. Here are some key benefits of parent involvement in schools that can be advantageous for students and teachers.

Benefits Of Parent Engagement For Students

  • Excellent academic performance with higher test scores and grade points
  • Higher success rates in class and low dropout rates
  • Higher rates of continuation of further studies
  • Better social behavior and school adaptation

Benefits Of Parent Engagement For School And Teachers

  • Increased school attendance
  • Enhancement in school operations
  • High student retention
  • Active classroom engagement,

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How To Get Parents Involved In School Activities?

Principals can invite the whole school or even outside the community to a parental engagement program. The management can organize events for parents and children to participate in or be part of the audience, such as plays, presentations, or art galleries.

How Can Parents Collaborate With The School Management?

Parents can enhance their children’s learning after school by fostering positive conversations about school and teachers and creating a welcoming environment at home. Additionally, they can actively support their children’s education by getting involved with school management.

How Can A Parent Volunteer At School?

Parents can contribute to schools through volunteering by participating in various programs and initiatives. This includes joining a parent-teacher association, attending school events, and getting involved in special projects or committees.