Dedicated Logins for Staff

Empower your staff with Dedicated Logins, offering a tailored experience for efficient school management. Access staff profiles, detailed salary accounts, and online salary slips seamlessly. Keep track of attendance and leave records, with convenient online income tax rebate submissions. Enjoy individual library accounts for personalized resource access. Facilitate daily student attendance marking, effortlessly update assignments, question banks, and tutorials, and enter exam marks as per specified permissions.

Detailed Salary Account

The Salary Account feature offers a deep dive into your financial details, ensuring transparency and easy access to salary-related information, making payroll management efficient.

manage salary account from phone
Online Salary Slips

Empower staff with the convenience of accessing and downloading their salary slips online, simplifying financial documentation.

online salary slips
Attendance Record: Detailed Leave Record

With Detailed Attendance and Leave Records, staff can effortlessly manage their time, keep a meticulous record of attendance, and apply for leave seamlessly.

school staff attendance record management
Income Tax Details

Simplify tax management with Online Income Tax Details and Rebate Submission, making it easy for staff to file their taxes and avail of rebates.

staff income tax management
Individual Library Account

Offer your staff access to a digital library account, enabling them to explore a wealth of knowledge resources, and making professional growth easily accessible.

access online library from your laptop and phone
Provision to mark Students' Daily Attendance

Streamline classroom management with the ability to mark students' daily attendance, ensuring efficient teaching and record-keeping.

attendance calendar
Provision to update Assignments, Question banks, and Tutorials

Staff can contribute to the educational process by updating assignments, question banks, and tutorials, enriching the learning experience.

study material & question bank
Provision to enter the Marks of the exam terms as per given permissions

With permission-based mark entry, staff can efficiently input exam scores, facilitating accurate and secure academic assessment.

online assessment results