Dedicated Logins for Students/Parents

Embark on a seamless educational journey with personalized logins for students and parents. Easily navigate student profiles, manage fees, and track attendance. Explore resources like library accounts, home assignments, and tutorials. Streamline your school's administrative tasks with features like online leave applications and academic calendars. Dive into the EduTech Marketplace for curated educational resources, empowering your learning experience with convenience at your fingertips.

Student Profile (Brief or Detailed)

The Student Profile feature offers a snapshot of each student's academic journey, with options for a concise overview or a comprehensive detailed view, providing quick insights to parents and students alike.

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Students' Details Fees Account

This section serves as the financial hub, where parents and students can access detailed information about fees, payments, and account statements, ensuring financial transparency and convenience.

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Online Fee Payment

With Online Fee Payment, the hassle of standing in long queues is eliminated, offering a seamless digital platform for parents to pay fees with ease, enhancing the payment process.

Students Attendance Record

Daily or Monthly: Keep a close eye on attendance with daily or monthly records, enabling parents and students to track attendance patterns and ensure regular school attendance.

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Term wise Results: The Term-wise Results feature is a treasure trove of academic achievements, providing students and parents with a clear, organized overview of performance and progress.

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Library Account and Web OPAC Portal

The Library Account and Web OPAC Portal bring the library to your fingertips, allowing students to access and manage their library accounts and explore a vast digital catalog with ease.

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Home Assignments

Home Assignments is the digital assignment board, where teachers post assignments and students can access, submit, and stay organized with their homework tasks.

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Question Bank

The Question Bank is a knowledge reservoir, stocked with a variety of academic questions and solutions to aid students in their learning journey.

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The Tutorials section is a digital tutor, offering supplementary learning materials and resources to bolster students' understanding and mastery of subjects.

Class Time Table

The Class Time Table feature is your compass, guiding students with their daily schedules, ensuring they never miss a class.

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Online Leave Application

The Online Leave Application simplifies the process of requesting leave, allowing parents and students to submit leave applications digitally, streamlining communication with the school.

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Date Sheets, Syllabus, Academic Calendar, etc

Get access to date sheets, syllabi, and the academic calendar empowers students and parents with essential information about exams, coursework, and the school calendar, helping them stay well-prepared.

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